Why I Moved to Las Vegas

I’ve always felt that you are who your friends are. My senior year in college I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but there was no one to talk to about it. Creatives need that outlet to express their ideas with other creatives, because like-minded peers challenge us to be better. We didn’t have that in Portland, I graduated during the peak of the recession where classmates were happily taking jobs at their local grocery store.

Frustrated with the lack of entrepreneurs in Portland, OR, I moved to Orange County, CA… but then found out that it’s at least an hour commute to the tech meet-ups in Los Angeles!  Then I heard about the Downtown Project here in Las Vegas and wrote about moving here a little over a year ago. It just so happens that I lived in Downtown Portland, an area that went through it’s own urban revitalization over the course of a decade.

However, for many reasons, my passion for the Downtown Project has since faded, but the project has spurred an entrepreneurial community (#VegasTech) that has expanded beyond the scopes of Downtown.

Last year I wrote, “Why I Moved to Las Vegas”:

I’ve always been attracted to Vegas, for reasons unbeknownst to most people. It seems that most associate Vegas with “Sin City,” partying, hookers or even pathological gambling, but that’s hardly the case. You see, if you weren’t on the strip – you wouldn’t even know you were in Vegas.

Lake Las Vegas

Read the rest on my blog: http://jaysoriano.com/downtown-project/

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