Hanging Out With The World’s Top Entrepreneurs

Last month, Maurice Gallagher (CEO of Allegiant Airlines) generously flew many of our speakers in his private jet up to Ft. Lewis, WA and we landed directly on a military base where we would spend the next two days. Day one, we engaged in “solider for the day” activities, participating on the joint Air Force / Army base. Day two was the “Build a Business or Find Your Dream Job Bootcamp.” I could write all day long about the event, but you could just checkout these photos on Facebook, or this video on YouTube for an idea of the experience (keep in mind that cameras were restricted in many places on base!).

Many of these entrepreneurs were local to Las Vegas, including:

Maurice Gallagher – CEO of Allegiant Airlines

Forrest Griffin – UFC Hall of Fame, Former Light Heavyweight Champion and Best Selling Author

Working in the technology space, the speakers I was most excited to listen to were:

Ramit Sethi – New York Times Best Selling Author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich (A non-conventional personal finance book that I highly recommend)

Ben Huh – CEO of Cheezburger, “Can I Haz Cheezburger” ring a bell?

Other speakers included Phil Randazzo (Founder of AmericanDreamU), Ken Wiles (Founder of AlertID) and Frank Aglin (CEO of GWP).

For more about experience, read about it on my blog (http://jaysoriano.com/entrepreneurs-giving-back-to-the-military/), or check out AmericanDreamU.com

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  1. Ron Jarrett


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