Getting Rid of “Bad Money” and Why I Started a Consulting Company

Las Vegas consulting companies can be worse than a bad car mechanic. They take advantage of you because of your lack of knowledge in their field. I know this because I’ve worked for one, and with many others. Let’s start with the ladder. First and foremost, many problems with consulting companies could have been avoided had they followed these 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Web Developer and this advice on Hiring a Web Designer .

Note: This post is specifically written for small/medium sized businesses, tech startups require different needs.

There are so many tools and platforms that can help you launch a beautiful website, and fast. There are even free, albeit limited tools like Weebly. If you’re a small to medium sized business providing goods or services to your local area, the website is only a small part of the big picture. So when I see companies charging thousands of dollars to a client for something that doesn’t help their business, I get a little frustrated. But that’s expected, right? If you hired a web developer, that’s a cost. If you hire a consultant, that’s an investment (or should be).

That’s the primary reason why I started SorianoMedia – as an entrepreneur myself, I’m constantly thinking about return on investment (ROI). Therefore, when I work with businesses I help them identify their pain points (even if they don’t know them yet) and come up with a plan that actually drives revenue. I love working with people who are experts in their respective field (event planner, plumber, chef, lawyer, etc.), but lack a little knowledge in technology. Because the money that they invest leads to more calls, leads, sales, people through the doors, etc. If we’re not in a situation where we can both make a little bit of money – we need to talk about a compensation readjustment that works for both of us. That’s why I reject at least half the businesses that approach me, I genuinely care about your business and need to make sure we’re a good fit.

Too many web development companies, or even so called “consultants” aren’t making sure that they’re the perfect fit. They care about their pocketbook, not yours. There are too many sketchy consultants who can offer a quote without even identifying what you need!… without even asking questions about your business. They’re just pulling numbers out of their ass like $2500 for a website and $1100 a month every month thereafter for the rest of your life for “website maintenance.” I actually have a client that came from a consultant like that, the website was so incredibly basic, completed with stock photos and copywriting that he stole from other similar websites (huge no-no in the eyes of Google). And that’s it, it was a website… he did nothing to help their business get what they actually want – more calls (which lead to, of course, more sales).

All web design companies I’ve worked with didn’t have bad work. One in particular, actually had beautiful work – although they did charge $800+ an hour. Let’s take a look at a quote they offered and I’ll break it down for you (names and companies were blacked out to protect identities:

Web Design Quote

Notice the person offering the quote mentioned “small changes” in the quote, yet the total was $431.25 for a half hour of work. This was emailed to a successful, but non-technical entrepreneur that I use to work for. Yet, even he, or his assistant could have tackled a few of these tasks by themselves had they Googled how to do it. So they’re charging $800+ an hour, and guess who’s doing the work? A junior associate.

I started this company because I want to offer fair and transparent pricing to businesses. That’s why I guarantee results with SEO which is unheard of in this industry. While it likely means a lot more work, I’d like to make sure that my clients are generating a ROI.

Bad Money

Photo by “Tax Credits” from Flickr Creative Commons.

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