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How We Increased Organic Search Traffic 42% is Less than Two Months for a Las Vegas Fashion Company, and then went on to rank on the first page for 12 of 15 of their primary keywords.

Iris Impressions –  (Las Vegas Fashion Wholesaler/Retailer)

Goal: Rank for relevant keywords pertaining to their products

What We Did: SEO

Case Study: Iris Impressions, you may have seen them all across the Las Vegas strip, they’re known for their convertible fashion, the 100 ways to wear dresses and skirts. However, when you Googled them, you’d often find competitors websites first. In just two months they’ve seen an increase of organic search traffic of 42% and within 6 months they were on the first page for 12 of their 15 primary keywords and dozens of long-tail keywords.

Some SEO’s say that you need to wait months for results to even start but by then you’ll have spent at least $5000+ with them without any real results.

Screenshot: I started in late January and wrapped up in August – notice the month over month results?

Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization

Recovering from a Google Penalty and Increasing Rankings in one of the Most Competitive Niches

Nevada Benefits (Las Vegas Health Insurance Broker)

Goal: Recover from Google Penalty, and continue to rank for relevant keywords

What We Did: Web Design, Marketing, SEO, Paid Advertising

Case Study: We’ve already touched on this case study in our post about “cheap” and “affordable” SEO, for a quick we review we helped them recover from one of Google’s major updates and redesigned their website. Here’s the before and after, and please click on the previous link to read the complete case study. They rank #4 for the extremely competitive “health insurance.” (with location set to Las Vegas) and various other insurance related keywords.

Las Vegas Web Design Before and After

How We Helped an Internet Startup Generate $1500+/mo in Passive Income in 6 months (Internet Media Company)

Goal: Increase profitable traffic. If you just want traffic, you could buy it (which I have seen shady SEOs do to manipulate results), but most people want traffic that generates a return on investment.

What We Did: Web Design, Marketing, and SEO

Case Study: Passive income is an internet entrepreneurs dream, and we helped LaunchAStartup generate an almost instantaneous ROI with $1500/mo in perpetuity.

Everyone talks about creating “great content,” but seldom is that practice executed correctly. I’ve seen far too many people approach me after reading a few resources on SEO and they’re convinced that they need to start blogging. Sure, it could help – but most people spend months blogging and seldom generate significant traffic. Think about this, some of the world’s top companies who rely on SEO don’t rely on blogging… Amazon, eBay, Zappos, et. al. They’re being talked about online without the need for continuous blogging. With LaunchAStartup, we wanted to create long-form pieces that people would be talked about for years to come. And we did that with a series of articles touching on pros and cons of outsourcing, we also signed them up for advertising and affiliate networks and within 6 months they were generating $1500+/mo in passive income (eg. they don’t do anything – money just hits their accounts).  Here’s a screenshot of their traffic (shared with permission):

SEO Traffic

More case studies are coming soon! If you want a Las Vegas SEO Company who you could trust and drive results, feel free to request a quote today!

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